Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's a lot of work

We take special delight in crossing stuff off The List!
What might seem like a lot of "fun & games" belies the substantial amount of work behind the scenes.  Getting ready for a trip of the distance and duration we are about to embark upon tomorrow is a lot of work.  It's pretty much non-stop from when I get up until late in the day, often into the early evening.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow are no exceptions to that regimen.

Today was fun because we actually crossed everything off The List that we made while camped at Alpine, Wyoming, Wednesday and Thursday nights. There isn't all that much left to do before our departure tomorrow.  What's left to do can fit on two index cards and they have been taped to our main door (facing inward) so that we can't possibly forget those tasks.

It's always a little daunting for me before everyone of these types of trips.  Have I remember everything?  Have I taken care of the critical stuff?  What might I have missed?  These sorts of things always wake me up in the middle of the night before departure.  Luckily, the things I've forgotten in all our past trips have been very minor.  We pray that it is "so" for this trip, too.

I think we're in really good shape as far as Road Trips go.  The Alpine two-nighter was the perfect shake down cruise.  It really helped us focus on some kinks in our travel system.  And we quickly ironed out those kinks.  We also saw some opportunities to make certain things a lot better and quickly jumped those tasks these last two days.

It's ALL about efficiency and having everything right at your fingertips when you need it.  It's all about knowing you are as fully prepared as possible in every aspect.  When you get to that point, you achieve a peace of mind that is hard to describe but very, very comforting.  That's pretty much where we are as Saturday evening begins to evolve.

Dear Friend Karen is coming over for cocktails and Special Bean Burritos.  We're having both a salad and coleslaw on the side.  Although it's been another uncomfortably warm day here (high of 88), the shade of our tall trees is delicious.  We expect to be sitting in the courtyard this evening as the light begins to fade.

Tomorrow begins bright and early as we have to give our self a haircut and then give the lawn a haircut (AKA: mowing the grass).  Then it's off to smite the last items on our departure list.  We're hoping to pull out of here about 10-ish, plus or minus.

Sunday's a medium long day's drive to Three Forks, Montana.  Our goal there is the Missouri Headwaters State Park.  Believe it or not, "if" and when we camp there, we will be camped right smack dab on the VERY SAME SPOT that Lewis & Clark & Crew camped waaay back in the day.

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