Monday, February 22, 2016

Wildcat Nights

Here is a post put up on Facebook the evening of February 21, 2016.  We moved it over here to the blog because we want to be able to keep the story accessible.  As you know, by and by, stories get lost in the Facebook vortex.  Facebook is all about "here and now."  A blog at least allows us to know when and where we put stuff.  We also included some of the comments made on the Facebook post.  

Many Thanks to Carmen Kotting, Richard McCallum, Thomas Olsen, Tim Egan, Jerry DeBaun, Marti Bridges, David Ehmke, Connie Gilmore, Rex Peters, David Irvine, Alice Buddeke Fairfield, Richard Hauser, Steve Snyder and Phyllis Webb for their "Likes" of the story.
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Back when I worked for the U of A as Night Production Manager of "The Daily Wildcat," I worked with lots of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kids. Oh, how full of themselves they were. But there was this one young Mexican who made a compelling case to me that he was being discriminated against. We're talking 1980 here, folks. But this kid was A Bright Light and he was Shining Bright and, well, you'd have to know how it was in 1980.
I went to bat for that kid and I failed miserably and got my nose stuffed into a place where the sun don't shine. But that kid truly knew what I did for him and we bonded back then. He's long gone down that road that only shadows know. But, as we prepare to return to The Old Pueblo for the first true time in 36 years, these stories are swarming back.
Back then in early 1980, I was told FTF by the Old Man running The Daily Wildcat that they would NEVER allow a Mexican to have ANY position on Staff, Period. Case closed. Argument over. Go back to work.
Well, times must have changed. There's at least one Latina on Staff now and it's great to see her name on the roster! Makes me Super Happy!
Editor-in-chief -- Dominic Baciocco
Digital Managing Editor -- Brenna Bailey
News Editor -- Sam Gross
News Editor -- Lauren Renteria
Sports Editor -- Matt Wall
Sports Editor -- Ezra Amacher
Arts & Life Editor -- Alex Furrier
Arts & Life Editor -- Emma Jackson
Opinions Editor -- Graham Place
Science Editor -- Lizzie Hannah
Science Editor -- Bailey Bellavance
Photo Editor -- Tom Price
Asst. Photo Editor -- Sydney Richardson
Copy Chief -- Bridget Grobosky
Copy Chief -- Emily Hedges
I'm danged Proud of Those Days Long Ago. I stood up to The System. Yeah, I didn't make any difference but at least I knew enough to "Stand & Deliver!"
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Commentary on Facebook post:

Peter Corbett:  "I know several UA grads. I wonder if they had any idea that went on. They would be so disillusioned."

Marti Bridges: "It never hurts to do the right thing."

John R. Parsons: "Peter, whoever might still be alive from those days would deny it and there would be no proof. Just my word against some guy long gone."

Steve Thompson: "I think you made a difference. Your friend knew what you did. Others saw you do it. You made an impression on those people. Maybe you did not accomplish the goal in that moment, but you started to erode barriers by being one of many who began to stand up. All change begins this way I think. Changing health care, changing prejudices, changing in favor of tolerance, changing in favor of the environment. Someone(s) have to begin it. and inspire others to begin in their own way. Thank you for beginning as you did."

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