Monday, March 2, 2015

Flow & Eddy of Life

The March Lion Storm Event was a hoot to follow, cover and savor.  We loved every last little bit of it.  As the Last Day of the storm wound down to denouement, we sat in front of our laptop feeling sad.  And we cried.

Yes, we were sorry to see the storm go its way upon the land.  But we also had a personal epiphany.  This fine and fancy storm brought back so many memories and Happy Daze gone bye.  It brought back and rekindled memories we long forgot we had.  Oh, how we felt such a kindred spirit with this storm and all its kind and kin.

And then...when it was over...we finally had to look at ourself in the Mirror Of Life.

No, we can't partake of this kinda storm ever again in this lifetime (unless we are a pedestrian).  No, we can't ever kayak this type of storm water runoff ever again in this lifetime.  

Yes, those days are gone.  Long Gone Goodbye.

As we age we have our "issues" with what we can and cannot do.  In our mind's eye, we can do everything we once did.  In our Body's Reality, we can no longer do any of the Gonzo Stuff we once did.

Yes, those days are gone.  Long Gone Goodbye.

Tonight, I cried.  

As I sat here watching my Beloved World do its thing, I finally came face-to-face with the reality I will never be a part of that Wild West Verde River Runnin' Rodeo ever again.  Today was THE Day when that inevitable reality finally hit me square in the face.

As the realization of that reality finally sank deeply into my bones, I sobbed and sobbed in front of this laptop.  Oh, how I would love to be back in those Days of Yesteryore!  But the Bottom Line is this:  Age Takes Its Toll.  You are who you are at any point in your life.  If you try to be someone who is not who you are, unkind karma will come your way.

And so I cried tonight.  I shed tears of longing but also tears of rejoicing.  Yes, I can no longer do what I once did.  But I can be The Best I Can Be for The Future in Every Way!

And that is my Life Goal at 67 years of age--to be The Best I Can Be for all those Who I Love and All Those Who Love Me!

Thank You, Sweetie Susun, for Loving Me as Truly as You Do.  I LOVE YOU Always and All Ways!

It's been a Very Interesting Day.  Thank You for Reading.  Many Happy Cheers, jp


Maggie said...

I am there with you. So many great adventures we experienced with gusto and great zeal. Rejoice that we did them at all. The accepting my limitations part is a little harder but as you say, embrace it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I will always and flow ever love You

Unknown said...

I have never met you John, but love you anyway pardner!