Friday, September 19, 2014

Leigh Lake

Leigh Lake is one on the many hidden Sweet Spots of The Grand Teton National Park. You have to dig deep to get the NPS people to tell you much about Leigh Lake's Sweet Spots.

What we found on this trip is once the NPS Back Country Rangers know you've had it together enough to take a canoe there, they open up and start telling you some really neat stuff.

Get this, beginning in January, it would be possible to go online and RESERVE this canoe-in campsite ONLINE in September 2015 for a mere $35. And that would cover your entire stay limit of 7 days. A Whole New World was opened to our eyes on this trip.

Yes, it's difficult to get there, and, yes, there are risks, but there are ample rewards. We both think we can do this next year.

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