Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Urban wild life

Roger's Place is smack dab in Mesa.  The proverbial "Sea of Red Tile Roofs" rules this massively developed sector of the Sonoran Desert.  However, some wild life can always find a way to thrive and survive here.  So it is with a few wild quail who use Roger's yard a mini desert habitat.  And so it is with two ducks--a mallard and a hen.  On our last visit the pair came to swim in Roger's backyard pool.  This morning Missus Duck stopped by to mooch off  The Dog's food.  Meanwhile, of course, The Cat was thoroughly un-amused by the moocher duck but couldn't do anything about it from behind the glass patio door.

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The Goatherder said...

That cat would have regretted any attempted molestation of the duck. Even our feral barn cats have more sense than to mess with the poultry.