Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Morning Edition - 2456742

Wednesday Greetings, Dear Friends and Loyal Blog Readers. We have quite a few stories for you today.  It was a good morning for funding Fun Stuff.  IN fact, we had to stop finding Fun Stuff about 7:30 am so we could write this introduction and then make comments on all the various stories included here today.  You'd be surprised how long it takes to make the comments and so forth.

OK, let's move along, shall we?  Occasionally, we receive a really interesting submission from one of our Dear Readers.  And so it was yesterday that Dear Friend Brad W. sent along this truly awesome 84-page eZine on Buckaroos--The Great Basin Buckaroos, to be exact.

Here is the note from Brad that accompanied his submission:

"Did you know Buckaroo is a cowboy sub-culture? Much more closely related to the old Spanish Vaquero tradition than our SW cowpunchers. A superbly done eZine on the little known Buckaroo ranch culture of the Great Basin. The Guy on the front cover is Brad Randall. His daughter Emmie is in my class. He works ranches all over the state but also travels to Nevada, ID etc. where he's a gen-you-wine Buckaroo."

At first, we didn't expect much but it didn't take long to realize we were seeing and reading something truly special.  The people doing this eZine are doing such an over-the-top job.  WOW!
Now, bear in mind, Dear Buckaroos, if you click into this eZine and if you have a Love of Old West stuff come alive in the Years 2103-2014, you better be prepared to spend a LOT of time.  This is one sweet 84-page eZine.  Enjoy!

Above is such a classic bull photo from the eZine we just had to include it here.  Believe it or not bulls can be very photogenic!

Sweetie Susun LOVES Miso Soup.  This story really resonated with her.
Dear Friend Brad W. also sent along this scintillating story about The Corn Dogs On The Loose.  While looking for a photo to accompany the story, we realized we just missed National Corn Dog Day last Saturday.  Bummer.

OK, Time once again for some weather talk.  You can see Arizona remains DRY once again for the next seven days.  That time period takes us into the Month of April.  As most of you know, any kind of major precipitation happening after April 1st here is quite rare.  Meanwhile, check out the storm track up north.  If another 4.5 inches of precip call in the Upper Snake River headwaters, we'd be willing to be both Jackson Lake and Palisades Reservoir "fill and spill" this year.   Note that area of forecast 4.7 inches of precip lies near the watershed of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  That means the water level for our July 12th trip ought to be in the "mighty fine" category.

Meanwhile, down in the desert, Phoenix recorded two back-to-back days of 89 degrees and also saw it's first medium decent dust storm yesterday
You know how much we love finding stories about smart young people and child prodigies.  This Arizona kid made the front page of the Phoenix paper today.  The photo above is from a couple of years ago when we and the Prez were using the Joey's marshmallow cannon to shoot at the White House curtains.

For all you Mark Twain fans:

There's something raelly fun about this photo but I can't quite come up with a meaningful description of just why it makes me smile.  Something about that First Mac, I guess.
No self-respecting Morning Edition is complete with at least one "Aw..." story.  Here it is live and direct from my Home Town newspaper, the Lafayette "Journal & Courier."

Natalie's website:

A great video on the Operation:

As so often happens, one thing leads to another.  The video of Natalie's Second Chance Operation was produced by Purdue's Fast Track outfit.  Sure enough, they have some really Fun Stuff besides that video above.  Here is their YouTube Channel.
We found a fun article in the "Indian Country Today" news outlet.  That took us to the website for the contest.  And that got us to wondering if we know anyone who has kids or grand kids that might be interested in this sort of thing.  Kirsty?  Brenda?  Bill Cowan?  Hum...

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