Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Morning Edition - 2456727

Good News. Bad News.  Here's the Good News.  Where's the Bad News? Nowhere to be found here, that's for sure.  It's a struggle to find fun "god news" each morning.  The world media is so full of Bad News.  Bad News sells.  Bad News is worth money,  Good News is worth smiles but smiles don't pay the bills.  Bad News pays the bills.

When I was learning journalism at Purdue University back in 1966, one of my first Prof's was working hard teaching us all the aspects of Bad News.  It was really upsetting to me and I was constant hassling the Prof about "Why can't we focus on Good News?"  The Old Man was really exasperated with me and my Polly Anna Attitude.  I danged near flunked the class because of my insistence on Good News over Bad News.

One day he really wanted to embarrass me in front of my snickering fellow classmates.  So he asked me if I could have my own newspaper what would be in it.  Of course, I told him it would be all Good News and NO Bad News.  And then the Old Pontificator straightened up and pointed a sharp pencil at me and said, "Well, your newspaper would last one edition and you'd be out of business selling pencils on the street corner."

You know what?  He was right.  A few years passed and I got my first chance to publish something--a magazine I called "Stump Water" and it lasted precisely ONE issue.  Why?  Because it ONLY had Good News.  By and by, time passed and I owned and was publishing a real newspaper in a small Indiana town.  We were wildly successful in that venture--actually too successful.  However, we were successful because, by that time, I realized the economic facts of life--Bad News Sells.  At that time in my life, I was in the "Show Me The Money" mode and so I sold out my dedication to Good News and made gobs of money.

Man, I was REALLY Good at Bad News.  People just lapped up all that Bad News like Kittens to Cream and the advertisers fell all over themselves showering us with money.  Eventually, all that money went to my head and, naturally, I lost it all.  But that's some Bad News that actually became Good News when I put my life back on a positive path by moving to Arizona in 1979.

At this point in my life, I can produce my own little Morning Edition with nary a care how well it sells.  It doesn't have to make any money and it really doesn't even have to have any readers.  If I am the only one left reading my own Morning Edition, that's just fine and dandy.  I love Good News and, except for a relatively short detour long ago in the 1970's, Good News and the Positive Path have always been a fundamental part of my life.

Today's Morning Edition has gone to the dogs.  We start AND end today's Morning Edition with Dogs.
Thanks for reading!  Have a Great Tuesday and Many Cheers!  jp
Well, for those of us who were deeply and forever affected by the events of June 30, 2013, this is a special story virtually certain to bring either a mist to your eyes or a lump to your throat...or both.


While we were visiting Prescott's "Daily Courier" sniffing around for fun stuff, we couldn't help clicking on this column.  You can easily guess the topic by the photo.  Trust me, what the columnist says is surely true.  I can't possibly buy a bag of these things.  I know perfectly well, I'd eat the entire bag.

These large fish are called "steelheads."  People who fish for them are called "steelheaders."  And when they go to The Salmon River they call it "spring fishing."  This short two minute video gives you an idea of what Idaho "spring fishing" conditions are all about.


Eventually, even Burning Man became part of the establishment.


Lately, I've been having a flood of thoughts, desires, dreams, fantasies and more about day hiking the legendary trails of Great Britain.  The UK's trail system is famous.  You can walk forever there.  You can walk between little places to stay.  You can walk through history.  Someday, I dream of walking those fabled foot paths.  This interactive map only increased my desire to go there and do that:


Um...this quote is mind-boggling:

"It processes that data, along with 150 billion soil observations, to generate 10 trillion weather simulation data points. Using this information, the company claims it can provide US farmers with temperature, rain and wind forecasts for areas as small as one-third of a square mile (about 200 acres), for the forthcoming 24-hour and seven-day periods."


Very techie article very much well worth reading:

And, finally, we're back to The Dogs.  How about Hank The Brewers Dog?  You're absolutely gonna LOVE this story.  Guaranteed!


There is little doubt in our mind that Hank The Brewers Dog got his name in honor of Hank The Cowdog.  If you don't know Hank The Cowdog, well, pardner, sit down a spell, because you're gonna fall for Good Ol' Hank, hook, line and sinker.

Happy Tuesday!

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