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FOTW Report - February 8, 2014

Hello Friends and Members,

I have some announcements and fun things coming up next weekend!

Many of you know Gerry Quotskuyva. He is one of our most dedicated members, putting in many hours in our garden and helping out at every festival we attend. But did you know he is an incredibly talented artist? Well known for his Kachina carvings Gerry is branching out and has been selected as one of three artists for a commission for the Schnebly Hill Roundabout in Sedona. The three proposals will be open for public voting starting Monday at select locations in Sedona and online Tuesday. Voting will end Tuesday, Feb. 18th.
Gerry's piece is called "Cultural Fortitude". Please consider helping out Gerry with a vote for his piece. More details can be found at the City of Sedona's website:
I have attached a picture of a smaller bronze of the piece. The picture on the Sedona website is an early concept drawing. I think this bronze would give you a clearer picture of what the larger monument would look like. You can see more views on Gerry's Facebook page.


Many of you know we give away native seeds from our garden every year. Putting together those seed packets takes a lot of time though. In the past members have taken them home, but we thought, why not make party out of it? So next Saturday, February 15th, from 2-4PM we will meet at Gerry Quotskuyva's studio to stuff seed packets. If you wish, bring some sort of snack or hors d'oeuvres. It's a party after all! But don't sweat it, just show up and help. There will be refreshments too.  ;-}
Gerry's studio can be found at 3450 E. Beaver Creek Rd., Suite B. It is the small shop next to Robbie's Restaurant in Rimrock. We'll put out the FOTW banner so you can't miss us.

In case you missed the Annual Meeting, we have settled on doing two festivals this March. The first will be the V-V Archaeology Fair that will take place at the V-V Heritage Site on March 22-23rd. Since V Bar V Days will be on  the weekend of the Spring Equinox, Ken Zoll is planning to give his talk down at the petroglyphs Saturday afternoon, so the fair should draw even more people than usual. This fair is a blast and has always been good for our seed donations. If you would like to help and take a shift at the fair, please contact Kayo at 928-567-5699.

The very next weekend, March 29th-30th FOTW plans to be at the Spring Festival in Camp Verde. This will be an unusual festival blending three festivals in one. The Archeology Center will have their Annual Fair and Indian Market Place, there will be a pared down version of the Pecan and Wine Festival, plus the Verde River Runoff, a kayak/canoe race. So this should bring larger crowds than usual as well. Again, can you help man a shift? Give me a call, Kayo at928-567-5699.

At our Annual Meeting, Gerry Quotskuyva offered to donate a Corn Maiden doll that we could raffle off. Gerry placed the value at $900. Wow, what a gift! So the thought is to sell tickets at the V-V Festival and the  Spring Festival and then have the drawing Sunday the 30th at the Spring Festival. Since we don't have a physical place of business where we can sell tickets, we are also thinking about offering the tickets for sale at various group meetings in March. Gerry is almost finished with the piece and I will post pictures, dimensions, etc.  in an email and on our website and Facebook page. Below find links to Gerry's webpage and facebook page.

And last but not least, a really cool cultural program at Montezuma Castle.

Yavapai Basketweaver Donna Nightpipe to Present Cultural

An informal demonstration highlighting the legacy of Yavapai basket weaving will be presented by artist Donna Nightpipe on Saturday, February 15, at Montezuma Castle National Monument. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Ms. Nightpipe and her husband Francis will share knowledge of natural basketry materials and traditional weaving techniques used by the Yavapai of central Arizona.
I have attached a .pdf about this presentation.

Make a day of it. Hit the basketry demo in the morning or early afternoon and then come over and help us stuff seed packets. Hope to see you there!

Kayo Parsons-Korn
President, Friends of the Well

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