Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two months

Incredible Blue Bird New Year's Day marked our 2 month anniversary here with a high temp of 65 degrees!
Our Arizona Season is more than one third over--it's actually 36% over as of today.  We arrived here November 1st and we've been here 60 days.  We will be leaving to head north on April 17.  So, we have 106 days left.

This is always about the time we begin to feel really "settled in".  It's always kind of a blur in the run up to New Year's Day.  Once we get to January 1st, we can really kick back and enjoy ourselves here.  The first two months are so full of it, so to speak.  Were really looking forward to the next 106 days.

How are those days going to shake out?

January is a time when we can really hit our stride here with numerous day hikes, Road Trips and visits with Dear Friends.  It's also a great time to do some work on the house and the grounds.  No matter what the weather during January, there's always something fun and productive we can do.

February 1st is our annual Big Mid-Winter Party.  Susun flies out of Phoenix for Kauai on February 5th.  She returns February 16th.  That's a Sunday.  Chances are we will stay down in Phoenix for a couple of days early that week.  We won't get settled back in here in Rimrock until late that week.

Meanwhile, the following week, John goes off on his Grand Canyon hike with Wayne.  John won't be returning until March 1st or 2nd.  So, basically, you can see January is a great month to do a lot of stuff and February is basically spoken for and mostly booked up solid.
Wayne Ranney looks on as Susun and John
do the very first work on April 1st 1994.

March is the next month when we can do stuff--lots of day hiking and some Road Trips and whatever remains to be done to the house and grounds.  We will also have the first partial week of April lumped in with the lazy days of March.  Chances are we will be having another (smaller) party on either Tuesday, April 1st or Saturday, April 5th?  Why's that?  Well, April 1st 2014 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the day we began construction of our Straw Bale House.  We simply can't let that date slip by without some sort of ceremony or party or whatever.

Susun will be flying out to San Diego on or about April 7th or 8th for Gage's Birthday.  Only a couple of days after her return, we're driving north to Susan Kliewer's Place in Vermilion Cliffs.

Yes, the Arizona Season really does go by that quickly!  It's always amazing. That's why we look forward so much to January and March.  For all practical purposes those two months are the Heart of our Quality Time here in Arizona.  As you can see by our Arizona Bucket List, we have more than enough stuff to potentially occupy our free time in January and March.
Mesquite & Blogger Shadows New Year's Day.  We're Blessed & Grateful to be Here.  Happy January 1st!

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