Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trick Photography

We all grew up with something called Trick Photography.  These days it's called "Photoshopped."  to say that something has been Photoshopped is a derogatory comment...a slur to some.  but NOT to us!

Nope, we'd LOVE to know how to Photoshop stuff.  It's been a Big Goal of ours since like forever.  Nowadays, you can download the totally free GIMP software and do with GIMP mostly what you could do with Photoshop, as least from a pedestrian point-of-view.

We are currently trying to learn GIMP and thought we'd mess with our two fave Facebook cover photos.  Susun's fave is the Green River Headwaters.  Mine is Teton Valley.  The goal is to blend them in some sort of coherent manner.  By Jove, I think we have made some progress this evening.

First off here's our most hilarious error when we sunk the truck.
Opps, it appears as if The Teton Valley has been inundated and our poor Nissan Marvie is long gone under the lake waters.  Nope, it's not twue!
This is more of what we had in mind.  The waters of Green River Lake blend into the BACK of the truck with Sweetie Susun superimposed over those waters while at the front of the truck she is celebrating with the Tetons in the background.

Yeah, this is pretty low rent Photoshop-style stuff but it works for us.  We're happy with our first attempt tonight at this stuff.


Susun said...

Great photo blending...You are sooo tricky.

Anonymous said...

Great photo blending! You are so Tricky and FUN. Glad you are back to the blog!