Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Edition 2456682

Ah, The CCC!  We Dearly Love The CCC. What an incredible chapter in America's storied history.
Today, the Salt Lake Tribune does a little article on the CCC in Utah.  The photo gallery is priceless.
Schooling was a very important part of a CCC-enrollee's life in camp.  Here the men learn about Dodge trucks.

There have been some rumors here and there that Arizona might get some rain next weekend.
The Saturday morning NOAA/NWS data does not support those rumors, at least for Arizona.
Idaho, on the other hand finally looks likely to receive some much needed water from the sky.

NOAA and the NWS produce QPF forecasts about four times each day.  QPF means "Quantitative Precipitation Forecast."  Over many years, we have found the QPFs to be more accurate than the  local NWS Office predictions.  The QPF forecasters are looking at the "forest," if you will, while the local NWS Offices are looking at the proverbial trees.  The daily QPFs are my "goto" graphs to see "whazzup."

Here's 60 great surfing photos from the last few days:
Travels with Sue Malone continue.
Nanette South Clark adds another chapter to her fine series on Nikola Tesla:

The Pope weighs in on the internet:

And finally, the past 8 days of Earl and his "Cowboy Poet" Phase.  We believe the publication of these cartoons here on this blog meet the "Fair Use" test of copyright laws since it involves "comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research."  This is also our way of helping promote the comic strip!
Here is a GREAT article about how the strip came into existence:
Here's the Pickles Website:
It is rare for cartoonist Brian Crane to occupy this many sequential strips with the same theme.
You can read about the Pickles cartoon series here:

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