Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Morning Edition - 2456688

Tell me, what are the odds?  Talk about luck.  Here's a great Feel Good Story to fire up your Friday.
NPS Rangers rescue hiker from Hawaii!
The bad news is there's no snow on any of Arizona's pillows.
Where's Wayne-O?  Why, hiking between steaming craters, of course.

Wayne should be home to Flagstaff tomorrow.  Congratulations on another great trip, Wayne!
One of Nanette's great spoof self-help magazine covers.
In Nanette's latest post, Nikola Tesla morphs into a poetry commentator.
And finally on Friday, more WWII aircraft photos than you will EVER be able to look at.
Let me know if anyone can possibly get through this gallery.  I double dog dare ya.
THANKS, Angel Lynn, for finding and sharing this gem.

That's all, folks, have a great day & Many Happy Cheers!

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