Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And so it goes...

We are off on a Happy New Year Blogging Binge.  So far this morning, we've put up 7 posts.  That's 3 more posts than we we did in all of November and December. (Combined Total = 4)

Here is The Plan A Top Five:

First, We're going to try really, really hard to get back to recording significant events of each day and week.

Second, We're going to work really, really hard to transfer Year 2013 Facebook photo albums over here to the blog where we can always and forever find them.

Third, As the events of our Year 2014 evolve, we're going to put the lion's share of photos and narrative HERE and NOT on Facebook.  For example, if we want to post 100 photos--they are going to go HERE.  Then we might post one or two photos on Facebook and say, "Hey, all the other photos are on the blog."

Fourth, we're going to cut WAY back on the time we spend on Facebook--hopefully slice and dice it by 95%.  We're spending far too much time on Facebook and that has to stop beginning today.

Fifth, Whatever rambling narratives we care to write will appear there and not on Facebook.

And so it goes....

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