Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid-July Road Trip

We enjoyed a wonderful overnight campout at the West Yellowstone KOA with some Dear Friends from Arizona.  Afterwards, we headed out into the boonies for a long off-pavement Road Trip filled with delightful vignettes and sparkling memories.

Altogether, the Road Trip spanned 447 miles over a 49.5 hour period.  We posted up 420 photos on Facebook in 9 separate albums.  Each is below as a separate blog post.  Once again, you do not have to have a Facebook account to view these albums.

Some of the albums have captioned photos and some do not.  Each post below has some additional narrative.  We are really enjoying the use of Facebook's photo album functions and features.  For example, one album has 152 photos.  We were able to upload all those pictures in a mere four minutes!  If we tried to do that on Google's Picasa, who knows how long it might have taken.  Picasa is "so yesterday."  Facebook has left Google's photo album functions in cyber dust.
The Arizona Entourage at the West Yellowstone KOA.
Marvie did a splendid job carrying us into and out of a back country Disneyland.
One of the many highlights of the Road Trip--the Bannack, Montana, 1871 Masonic Lodge.

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