Friday, July 12, 2013

Long Road Trip Ahead

 We're heading to West Yellowstone today to meet with Susan Kliewer, Kate Wheeler and their entourage.  They have three RV rigs traveling in a caravan.  After we spend tonight with them we are heading out via back road to Dillon, Montana, and then via even more remote back country routes along The Old Bannack Road to return. It will be a 400-500 mile Marvie Road Trip.
Here's a bunch of links to features of the area we will be traveling:

here's a bunch of links to various fun stuff along the route:

Big Sheep Creek Nat'l Backcountry Byway

Bannack State Park

The Old Bannack Road

Red Rocks NWR

Elk Lake Resort

Centennial Range

Snowcrest Range

Gravelly Range

Dillon, Montana, population 4100.

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