Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dugout Dick Dedication - Riverfest

Busy weekend ahead.  We're leaving Thursday so we can Emcee the Dugout Dick Dedication at 11 am Friday morning near Elk Bend, Idaho.  Then we will be up to our eyeballs in Riverfest through Sunday.   Returning on Monday.  Click this link to see the Facebook album on the Dugout Dick Dedication.

As our DF & LBRs know, there's a big back-story on this event.  Here are the two links to refresh your memory about that back-story.

The first is an article on Dugout Dick we did back in May 2012. It describes what kicked off this chain of events. 

The second link is Roger Plothow's website on Dugout Dick. By understanding the initial circumstances (via the link above) and then digging deep into Roger's website linked below, astute readers will be able to grasp the flow of circumstances which played a role in bringing Friday's dedication to fruition. 

Below is the Riverfest schedule.  Looks to be their best ever lineup of events and entertainment.

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