Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vicious Cycle

As all our Dear Friends & Loyal Blog Readers well know, Thrift Store Shopping is one of our Top Hobbies. Oh, how we can wax eloquent about our Love of T-Store Shopping!

One of the great advantages of being a Snowbird is the "Vicious Cycle:  Donate, Shop, Donate, Shop."  When we were back in Indiana for six weeks after Mom died, we had the privilege of enjoying the Vicious Cycle by donating and shopping at the Goodwill stores there.

That's where we spotted by far The BEST decorated semi-trailers in America.  Check out the motto on the side.  It says it all: "Donate. Shop. Donate. Shop. Vicious Cycle, Isn't It?" That pretty well sums up our lifestyle.

We shop all summer at Deseret Industries (D-I) in Idaho Falls and accumulate and store a whole new Arizona wardrobe.  Then, just before we head south for the winter, we donate our old wardrobe back to D-I.  When we get to Arizona, we unpack all "new" clothes and wear them through the November-April time frame.  Then, in early April, we donate that wardrobe and leave Arizona with barely more than the clothes on our back.  When we get to Idaho Falls, we start the whole Vicious Cycle all over again.  It's so FUN and we dearly love it.

Until we went back to Indiana in December 2011, we thought D-I was the pinnacle of T-Stores.  Nope--not even close.  Goodwill of Central Indiana is THE T-Store to beat.  They have set the bar so high and run such an amazing business model it's totally off-the-charts.  Their T-Stores are better than many retail stores that sell brand new merchandise.  They have Rewards Cards, too.  Their organization and customer service is totally The Best.  Here's their awesome website:

I sent them a note this weekend asking for the truck picture and they graciously obliged.  The word "Sample" is on the picture to protect their brand.  You can still see enough of the trailer to make out the awesome motto. THANKS for the photo, Goodwill of Central Indiana!

Anyway, off went my winter wardrobe this morning and we're now eagerly awaiting our return to D-I to begin the Vicious Cycle once again. What FUN!

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