Thursday, April 11, 2013

On The Rogue Again

Dear Friends Lora and Deano sent these two great photos yesterday from the banks of The Rogue River on The Oregon Coast.  Ah, the memories these pictures bring back.  Susun and we spent most of two summers there in the Huntley Park Campground in 2002 and 2003.

During our second summer Lora and Deano and we connected there at Huntley and spent many an hour discussing how they could get established on the Coast.  Lora eventually taught school in Brookings for quite a few years and Deano became a Licensed Oregon Contractor.  Now they live inland where is it not quite as wet as the Coast.  They love Oregon and we love them!

Anyway, here's what Deano had to say about their jaunt over to the Coast:

"Hi John & Susun!
We headed over to the coast for a couple days... to celebrate springtime.  Our first day was sunny, we enjoyed the sound of crashing surf, the smell of the salty sea, a hike, a bottle of wine and camped at Harris Beach.  Then the fog rolled in... we drove north and took a morning walk on Bailey's Beach, then escaped up the Rogue River in search of sunshine, ending up at your home-for-a-month Huntley campground, so we had to take a few shots for you two.  That night and the next day it RAINED in the true sense of Oregon coastal rain (ie horizonal, wind-pummeling rain).  Good to visit our old stomping ground, but even nicer to return to Ashland area with the significant rain-shadow of the Siskiyous, where rain falls gently, probing and prodding our newly-planted seeds to germinate.

Hope all is wonderful with you two!  Missing our friends in the southwest.
Love, Lora & Deano"

Thanks for your great email and awesome photos, Deano & Lora.  It's been TEN years since our last summer there at Huntley.

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