Thursday, April 4, 2013

I love it when a plan comes together

Above you see one of my favorite photos of Year 2013 so far.  Left is Roger Plothow, Publisher of "The Post-Register" in Idaho Falls and my partner on The Dugout Dick Project.

In the middle is U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson, easily Idaho's greatest currently serving Representative.

At right is Kathleen Plothow, The Force behind "All Things Dugout Dick."

This photo was taken today about noon beside The Salmon River near the site of Dugout Dick's former caves that were obliterated by the BLM not long after Dugout died three years ago.

Kathleen and Roger have lead the charge to "mitigate" that cultural loss and they are doing a fabulous and wonderful job.  We are so proud of them  We serve as an Adviser behind-the-scenes in this process.

Today was a high note of sorts in that process.  To get Rep. Simpson on site to learn about all the various things that have happened there is simply huge.  There's no other word for it--it's huge.

Tonight, we are basking in the peripheral glow that these sorts of coup engender.  This is one Very Sweet Photo!

Congratulations, Kathleen and Roger--you totally knocked this one out of the park with the bases loaded.

We are SO PROUD OF YOU!  Keep up Your Great Work and Carry On.  Many Cheers, jp

PS--The title of this blog post is taken from a old TV series called "The A Team."  

Team Leader George Peppard would smoke a cigar and utter those famous words when one of the Team Plans came together.

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