Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being Frank

This is Frank.  He is an Angel.  We discovered we had a BIG fuel leak early Saturday morning.  Big enough to be dangerous.  Every auto repair shop was closed.  Frank happened to be tinkering at his shop.  After he heard out store he said he would help us and opened his shop before 8 am.  He found the cause of the leak--a bad "o-ring" in the fuel filter connection and fixed it.  He refused to take any money.  He's holding the butterfly "Thank You" card we gave him.  Without Frank's help we'd probably still be in Provo.

When we pulled off I-15 at Willard Bay, some guy rear-ended Susun's Nissan.  Luckily, she wasn't hurt and there was minimal damage.  In the Spirit of Frank, we told the guy to forget about it and to have a nice day.  You should have seen his face.  He was so happy.

Things happen in threes.  After we were mostly unpacked yesterday I sliced off the tip of my index finger while closing the electrical breaker box.  That's what these blog posts are so short.  My main typing finger to out of action for possibly a few weeks.

Anyway, we're all settled in and life is good.

Hopefully, we will get an internet connection at home soon--we're having to connect via WIFI at Barnes & Noble.

Life is good and we're happy to be back at our Idahome.

Many Cheers, jp

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