Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Lapse Treat

As you know, we are smitten with "all things aurora."  The link above will take you to a great 1:06 time lapse video of the most recent Northern Light's Dazzling Display.  We've only seen the aurora once in our life.  It was in late 1992.  Gregg W. asked us to help him pack and move a truckload of stuff from his  Mother's house in Galveston, Texas, to Gregg's home in Flagstaff.  Our drive back from Texas was a classic Hunter Thompson road trip.  As we were heading north out of Phoenix on "the home stretch" we couldn't believe our eyes.  We had just topped out at Sunset Point and were approaching the Dugas Road exit when the entire northern sky turned totally neon and began pulsing with lights the likes of which neither of us had ever imagined possible.  We quickly exited at Dugas and jumped out of the rental truck and started hootin' and hollerin' and celebratin' this rare occurance.  Lots of other like-minded folks also pulled pell mell off I-17 to do the same thing as us.  For a brief time none of us were strangers but simply a pulsing party of people united by the joy of seeing the Northern Lights in Central Arizona.  To be able to see something such as shown in the video above would just be totally "over the top!"  Maybe someday once again....

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