Friday, March 29, 2013

Prelim Road Trip Report

'Twas a MUCH better Road Trip that we ever thought it would be--easil yone of the best single overnight road Trips we've ever done.

Only a few flups of forgetfulness.  Also one VERY lucky break.

The road down to Young is nice and wide but the views are few.  It's mostly forest.
Young is somewhat interesting.  It could be the Arizona Capitol of MOAN Country.
(MOAN = "Middle of Absolute Nowhere.")  There was a sign that said Young is a "UN Free Zone."
Too bad, folks, but the letters "UN" are right there in YoUNg's name!

The best part of the trip is south of Young.  It's great. The views are spectacular.  The side trips are intriguing.  We got dazzled by Parker Canyon.

One we got into the saguaro zone, the flowers were everywhere.  We can't remember a color display as dazzling as this year's edition.  We camped in a deserted campground.  Oddly, the other campground were zoo scenes.  It is Easter Weekend, afterall.

Enjoyed a visit to Tonto NM and The Roosevelt Visitor Center but our visit to see the dam and bridge were the most fun.

We were pulled over by a Gila County Sheriff's Deputy for doing 63 in a 45 mph zone but we lucked out and got a warning ticket.  Miracles do happen.

We forgot our Thermarest pads and some other minor stuff like salt & pepper and plates and bowls but, hey, we been eatin' out of our hands all our lives, so who cares?  Sleeping on the ground is a good thing to do once in awhile to remind us of why we actually own expensive sleeping pads.

We will have a much more comprehensive report later.

Many Cheers!  jp

PS_The Twitter didn't disappear, we just moved it to the bottom of the left column.

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