Sunday, March 31, 2013

March marches on

As March prepares to enter the dust bin of history, it's worth noting this has been a very good month here in Arizona.  Tomorrow we enter April at Second Chance Ranch and finish the month, cozily ensconced at our 610 12th Street bungalow.

Things are progressing quite well for the migratory transition northward.  In fact, we feel we are far better ahead of The Game this year than ever before.  Last year turned out to be a somewhat disorganized hyperventilation exercise.  We had no focus, no plan and we also had a big river trip and those weekly shooting matches and it all just was a house of cards behaving badly.  This year we have a plan and purpose.

You can take just a glance at our Northbound Departure Checklist to see it is mostly green with far more than 17 days left to go.  Each day, we chip-a-way and soon we will be card-carrying members of the Chippewa Tribe.

Tomorrow is a Big Grunt Day for both of us.  We fully expect to work 8 hours each and collapse by the campfire.  Tuesday we head down to Mesa and have two fulls days of shopping before we put Susun on the airplane to California Thursday morning.  Here time is filled with Much Grand Kid Love whiel we will be occupied with all those mundane tasks we can possibly put into the "Green" status on our spreadsheet.

Susun returns on Saturday afternoon, April 13th and we drive straight back up here that afternoon, hopefully arriving in time for the campfire.  From there through our noon departure April 18th, it's anatomy to the walls.  The Arizona Season Finale approaches rapidly.

Many Cheers, jp

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