Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The internet's been around now at least 20 years...or more.  For us Rubes who "discovered" it in 1993, it's only been around 20 years.  We have been roaming El Net for 20 years.  It's not often after 20 years that we say we found a great website.  Heck, any Tom, Dick & Harry or Terri, Donna and Henrietta can say they found a so-called great website!  How many times have you received an email from TDH saying, "WOW, you MUST LOOK at this?"  I see that stuff and immediately delete it.  When someone tells me I "MUST" look at something, that's the kiss of death for their email.

And so it is that here I am tell YOU that you MUST look at something.  So, write me off or whatever.  Maybe I finally succumbed to the Dumbing Down on El Net.  (Nah, not.)

Anyway, there's this website that hosts photos from really good photographers.  I never heard of it before tonight.  I was skeptical, naturally, that's "just me."  So, I went there and started roaming the photos and I was like, "WHOA!  This is GOOD STUFF!"  Meanwhile, as far as I can see so far, there's no freaking annoying ADS to clutter up the place.  How novel is that?  VERY novel!

This website totally R-O-X!  (link below this last photo)