Saturday, March 16, 2013

Horseshoe Ranch

This could be a long story but it won't be.  Promise.  We've wanted to visit the Horseshoe ranch for nearly 30 years.  Today we finally got to walk around the place and learn its history as well as a lot of other stuff.
This event was the major Arizona statewide highlight of the annual Archaeology Month.  Each year, one location is picked to be the focal point of the month-long calendar of statewide cultural, heritage and historical events.  The Horseshoe Ranch is essentially joined at the hip with the prehistoric treasure troves of the Agua Fria National Monument and made a naturally perfect location to celebrate Archaeology Month.
"Hazards Do Occur, eh?"  Wonder how many attorneys it took to think up that phrase?
Maybe it could have been better stated a la the old bumper sticker: "Hazards Happen."

 All of the visitors had to enter the ranch via this really funky suspension bridge.  I almost got seasick on it.
 There was a great array of educational displays.  All the archaeology organizations had great exhibits.
 We were finally able to have all our questions answered about both the Ranch and the adjacent Monument.
 Frankly, I really didn't look forward to walking back on the bridge.  I almost waded the creek instead.
 The National Monument has a robust and very active Friends group.
 One reason the event was super well attended was that it was set up as a Merit Badge gig for both Girl and Boy Scouts.  Here some Girl Scouts get their Merit Badge certification from Kaibab Archaeologist Neil Weintraub.
It was a great day down along the Agua Fria.

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