Sunday, March 17, 2013


Our fondness for fire fotos will never cease.  It is only through the exercise of great personal discipline that we refrain from inundating our DF & LBRs with an incessant barrage of campfire fotos.  However, that said, we still will occasionally post up some fire fotos here.  We can't help ourself.  This video is only 14 seconds. Each of the 7 photos gets two seconds.  Many Cheers, jp

Here's the link in case the video above won't load:

The Techies who read this may be wondering why we bother making a video slideshow when a Google Picasa photo album would be just as well or better suited for this task.  Here are the reasons:
1) We use these little exercises to help remember how to make a video slideshow.
It's a learned skill that is easily forgotten if it isn't used fairly often.
2) Lots of extraneous stuff shows up on a Picasa slide show.
3) It's difficult to control whether the slide show truly autoplays or simply sits on one picture.
4) Making it a video slide show sets it in stone and the 2 second variable is not viewer-changeable.

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