Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Matter Over Mind

In our distant genuine physical youth, the "Mind Over Matter" motto played well and helped us all do stuff to extend our personal envelopes sometimes beyond our normal capabilities.  Now that we have grown into the age of "well seasoned youth," the Mind holds minimal sway over Matter.  In fact, Matter mostly makes Mind behave.

Therefore so it is that our we will not be traveling to Globe today.  Our youthful imaginations conjured up the idea of this high speed trip without much matter for Matter.  Meanwhile Matter scoffed at the Mind's Eye and put a stop to this plan late yesterday.  We are simply too tired and moving too slow and have far too little motivation for a trip of such distance.  Neither one of us wants to sit in the vehicles for 8-10 hours per day for two days, especially when one of us is still on the edge of coming down with whatever crud it is that's been affecting big chunks of the local population.

Ah, it was a fine figment of The Mind--that Payson-Young Road-Globe Trip, but it will simply have to remain part of our imaginations for some time to come.  Hopefully, we can take that trip during this Arizona Season--it's been on our Bucket List for years.

Susun enjoyed two great hikes.  Her Sunday Stroll Sisters convened once again for their weekly get together.  Sunday strolls are more or less "talkin' the walk. However, yesterday Susun and two Friends hiked 7.5 miles!  That's definitely walkin' the talk! (Photos coming soon.)

Meanwhile, Little Yonni was fully consumed with his bi-weekly Montezuma Marksmen duties.  Two new Dear Friends attended, Nancy and Michael.  They both did exceptionally well.  It was the first match at a new (and USFS-approved) location and the proverbial good time was had by all.

We received a call yesterday from DF & LBR Dave E. (AKA: Siegfried).  It was great talking with him.  Dave and we go back to 1980.  Dave was on our Way Too High 1983 River Trip.  We talked about how we might work together to get the 30th anniversary of that trip up and running.  We're looking forward to that project, Dave, thanks for your interest in it.

We're reluctant to put this into a blog post because it's definitely not something our Dear Friends in Idaho want to read.  We apologize profusely in advance.  OK, here goes:  It's going to top the 70 degree mark here today and tomorrow.  There, we said it.  Yep, it might even break a high temperature record or two here in the Verde Valley over the next couple of days.  We love these January high pressure systems.  This is Classic Chamber of Commerce Weather.  Yesterday was warm enough for a short sleeve shirt most of the day.  The next couple of days will require a lightweight poly shirt--cotton will probably be too warm to wear.
Sorry' bout our weather here, Idaho Friends.  It is what it is.

That's about all we have to report.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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