Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maravilloso desayuno y bebidas

Dear Friends Maria Elena and Tim hosted us for breakfast this morning.  What a wonderful and delightful morning event they staged!  Tim, of course, is a world class barrista and started us off with coffee several light years better than Starbucks.  Maria Elena served up a genuine world class tortilla.  You see, in Spain and South America, a tortilla isn't a flat, thin piece of wheat.  Nope, Maria Elena's tortilla is a rich meal of eggs, potatoes, vegetables and more, all blended into a finely done package that delights the eyes as well as the palate.

Maria Elena also served up a memorable medley of pineapple and grapefruit juice while finishing the meal with her special homemade blend of rum and cream.  Tim's Special Scones were served to compliment the fine morning repast.  Tim's Scones are easily the best scones we've ever had.

We four enjoyed fine friendship along with our fine dining.  Maria Elena and Tim regaled us with captivating stories of their three-week trip to Baja.  Thanks Maria Elena & Tim, what a great breakfast on a fun January morning.  Many Happy Trails and Many Cheers!  jp
 A hearty morning "Howdy" from Tim.
 Tim's barrista equipment is equal ot or better than anything you will find in a gourmet coffee shop.
 Here's my espresso.
 Maria's Elena's cheese plate and her special morning citrus juice.
 Maria Elena is all smiles as she served her tortilla.
 It's nothing like a thin, flat piece of flour.  Nope, this tortilla totally redefines the genre.
 What a great plate!
Thanks, Maria Elena & Tim, for a wonderful morning and a fabulous breakfast

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