Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Here's an intriguing factoid:  My Mom's birthday was January 30th.  Susun's Mom's birthday was January 31st.  As you know, Susun's birthday is February 2nd.

The past few days have been a time for reflection.  We arrived back from Indiana on January 28th and our first day back there last year was January 29th.  The sunset last night (above) was a great Welcome Home Anniversary gift.

We were curious this year to see how long the time would take from December 17th until January 28th.  Last year it seemed like an eternity.  This year it flew by.  Such is the theory of relativity or something like that.

We are happy today to know that Dad's book is sitting comfortably online.  It's a great posthumous birthday gift for my Mom.  She published his book posthumously for Dad  and we got it online posthumously for her. Cool.  One of these days (or years) we will get around to putting the book into different ebook formats.  However, for now, it appears the book works well with all mobile devices, tablets, etc. so we just might "call it good" and move on.  Our total cost for the project was under $80.

All the excitement about the high water is gone now.  This was a fairly typical spike created by the rain on snow.  Here's how it looks when graphed.
Our next Big Thing is the Upcoming party Saturday.  We are busily scurrying about making preparations for this event.  Otherwise, there's not a lot happening here at Second Chance Ranch.

Many Cheers, jp

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