Monday, December 31, 2012

Spirited Reunion

We had a really fun Sunday afternoon getting together with Taffy & Peter C. in Jerome.  We haven't been together with these two  Happy Spirits for at least ten years, maybe longer.  None of could remember the exact year we last saw each other.  Taffy & Peter enjoy periodic visits to Jerome's Spirit Room and Paul & Jerry's Saloon.  Peter likes to call The Spirit Room a "Star Wars Bar" and that's actually a pretty good summation of the visual and behavioral aspects of The Spirit Room.  On any given day, all sorts of interplanetary travelers emerge from the shadows to take their places on the bar stools and benches of The Spirit Room.  There is arguably no other bar in the Verde Valley which can rival the "Star Wars Bar" ambiance of The Spirit Room.  Sunday was no exception as a dreadlock-draped band blared unintelligible music at the decibel level of departing jetliners.  Nonetheless, it's fun to peek in on the innards of The Spirit Room once in awhile.
Susun surprised Taffy & Peter by knocking on the window while I captured the moment occupying the middle of the street.
With just some casual Photoshop work, this photo could be easily doctored up to resemble a real Star Wars Bar!
Susun and Taffy are all smiles about our get together.
We've missed the company of our two Dear Friends and it was delightful to reconnect with them.  In this photo, we've shifted from The Spirit Room to the quiet confines of Paul & Jerry's Saloon where the click of pool balls is the only sound to rise about the quiet murmur of the saloon's patrons.
THANKS for a great day, Taffy & Peter!  We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.   Many Cheers, jp

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