Friday, December 28, 2012

I Love Susun

Sometimes My Sweetie Susun strikes such a stunning pose that it makes me want to shout out, "I LOVE SUSUN!"  This is one of those places and poses.  It's such a sweet photo, especially if you consider the circumstances.

Our day started out really slowly.  It was really, really cold here, much colder than the 16 degrees that registered on our thermometer.  It felt like BELOW zero.  I wonder sometimes if thermometers get fooled.  If they do, today could have been one of those days.  It was downright COLD!

So, naturally, being that cold and us being lizards we didn't do anything for a long time.  However, we had made this deal that we were going to do SOMETHING today.  Meanwhile, the clock ticked down on the day.  Finally, we made our way out of the house at a few minutes before 3 pm.  That's pretty late if you are remotely thinking of having a viable adventure on a Friday afternoon.

So.  We drove ourselves out on what we call "The 618 Road."  We didn't really know where we were going and, by and by, we saw this road heading off to nowhere and we both thought it would be a good idea to follow it.  We drove through all sorts of semi-extreme terrain following this road until we both spotted this mini mesa and thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top of it.

It wasn't easy and certainly there was no clear route to the top of it but, POOF, suddenly there we were and Sweetie Susun posed on The Rimrocks that rim this mini mesa.  There's actually only one slot in the rimrocks that will let you gain access to the top.  We were lucky and found that slot both going up and coming down.  Good thing.

Anyway, when I see My Sweetie like this it makes me want to shout out, "I LOVE SUSUN!"


Thank You, Susun, for being My Sweetie!  I appreciate you in so many ways.  You make Every Year a Happy New Year!

PS--We got home by 5:05 pm.

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Susun said...

John, my dear sweetie, your blog post today was a lovely surprise! Life with you is always fun, joyful and a great adventure, I love you too.