Friday, December 7, 2012

Haunted Hamburger & Jerome

We went up to Jerome Thursday to chow down on two Haunted Hamburgers.  YIKES!  Those burgers are The Best we've ever had, bar none, without exception.  Period.  They retail anywhere from $9-$14 but this time of year they always run a "buy on, get one free" coupon so the free burger paid for our gas for the long trip from 2nd Chance Ranch.  It's probably 30-35 miles from here to Jerome and it takes a long time.  In Idaho, it would be roughly the equivalent of driving to St. Anthony or even Ashton, as far as driving time goes.  But it's worth it.  Jerome is a fun old ghost town full of strange characters and old buildings--or maybe that's strange buildings and old characters--whatever.  The view from Table 14 at the Haunted Hamburger is the Best Lunch View in all of Arizona.  We put up 24 photos on Facebook.  Here are a few for the blog:

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