Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coincidence or karma?

Coincidence is defined as "A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection."  Karma is defined as "Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause."

Perhaps yesterday's event was a karmic coincidence.  What are the odds?

And so it was that we had a very fine, if rainy, day Saturday.  A Cottonwood trip took seven hours off the day's game clock and we returned weary in the late afternoon's gray cloudiness and persistent drizzle.

We opened up our email and, lo and behold, there sat the final draft of the long-in-the-making Verde Paddle Guide (VPG).  We downloaded the five megabyte file and opened it up and about fell out of our chair.  VPG coordinators Chip Norton and Bob Rothrock decided to put a photo of Joshua and me on the cover of this 26-page publication.  Zounds!

After writing up the previous 'High to Low' blog post earlier in the day, to have this document show up on the same day was an astounding karmic coincidence for us.  Somehow it completed a huge circle spanning major Life Events during the past year, coming precisely on the only day where and when it could make such an impact on our Heart & Spirit.  What are the odds?  That's what we kept asking ourselves last night: "What are the odds?"

Frankly, the events of a year ago have been weighing rather heavily on our heart & spirit.  Practically the second we looked at the cover of the Verde Paddle Guide, that weight lifted and we once again felt a decidedly enjoyable spring in our step and spirit and a happy glow once again returned to our heart.

THANKS, Chip & Bob!  Life is Good!  Many Cheers, jp


The Goatherder said...

Too cool. Congratulations to John and many thanks for including Josh on this project. We are proud of you both.
GH and KGH

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