Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aerobic Bowling

Is that an oxymoron? Aerobic bowling? Those two words really shouldn't be used together should they? Bowling is supposed to be a sedentary-drink beer-smoke cigarettes-kinda-sport.

What the heck is aerobic bowling? Well, lemme tell ya, rolling ten full games in 85 minutes definitely qualifies as aerobic bowling. That's just about as fast as technically possible to bowl ten games.

We might have been able to make it in under 80 minutes but we had to wait on our neighbor bowler once in awhile. It's called "bowling etiquette," and perhaps that's yet another oxymoron.

Anyway, here's how our weekly bowling mini-marathon turned out today. We averaged 138.4 today versus 126 last week. That's a 10% gain. Best of all our strike count rose to 31 from 19 last week, an increase of over 50%. Unfortunately our spares were down to 24 vs. 29 last week. Our Open Frame count dropped to 48 from 59 last week.

Once again, we won two free bowling hours including shoes because we rolled a strike when the red pin was in the first position. We now have a four hour bowling credit there. We did pretty good in the strike department and had three separate triples--that's three strikes in a row.

Our five high games were: 177, 166, 158, 148 and 147. We were within striking distance of our goal to average 150 but had four "bone balls" as we call gutter balls. Last week we didn't have a single bone ball so we're clueless as to why four of them popped up this week. Having those four ball make contact with pins would have probably put us over a 140 average this week.

Oh, well, that means there's always room for improvement and ample incentive to keep bowling. We must admit, bowling ten games in under an hour and a half is a real workout and we are plumb tuckered. Many Cheers, jp

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