Sunday, November 11, 2012

They weren't kidding

Light blue means light precip, the darker the green, the heavier and the
yellow trending to orange means really heavy snow. and or freezing rain.

Sometimes Chicken Little seems to be in charge of the NWS night shift and you get the idea there's a bunch of choir boys and girls singing "The Sky is Falling" while holding hands daisy chain style around their computer models.

Well, the NWS wasn't kidding about the snow storm in Salt Lake.  They've been getting totally hammered and are still under the hammer as we write this Sunday morning.  It's so bad down there we will have to think twice about leaving this morning to head south.  The Central Wasatch Mountains may get as much as FOUR FEET of snow out of this event by the time it ends around noon today.  That's 48 inches.  We're guessing it's enough snow to open up Utah's vaunted ski slopes.

Before Utah adopted its current goofy state motto "Life Elevated," the former motto was "Greatest Snow on Earth."  That's a bit of an exaggeration but it surely was the greatest snow on earth next to a major airport and a lot of hotels that happened to sit beside a giant mountain range studded with ski resorts.

Frankly, no one really knows what "Life Elevated" means but we digress this morning.

As nearly as we can tell, we would have received 4-6 inches of snow on our camper last night would we have been foolish enough to travel down to Willard Bay. Besides that, we learned this morning there was already NINE inches of existing snow on the ground at that campground.

Yesterday was actually quite a fun day here and we both feel this is the most leisure experience we've ever had in rigging for a long road trip.  The city turned the water off at 3 pm and this morning we will blow out the pipes and dose the traps with RV antifreeze.  What with the current genuine Winter Storm Warning along the Wasatch Front there's absolutely no hurry to leave the comfy confines of our cozy bungalow here.
We're all packed up, hitched and ready to roll.  We're just waiting clearance for takeoff on good ol' runway I-15 South.

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The Goatherder said...

It occurs to me this morning, being an Arizona boy, that I don't how to "blow out the pipes."

Nor do I wish to ever learn.

Travel safely!