Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plan B: Yuban @ Yuba

That was easy.  The more we studied the situation and thought about the pros and cons of The Lake Effect, the easier it was to decide to stay here today and leave Sunday morning.

We'd like to leave by 9 am Sunday, earlier would be better.  Today we will get the water shut off, blow the pipes, load the trucks, hitch up the Samurai and be cleared for take off on Runway I-15 South tomorrow.

We will drive approximately 325 miles to the east side of Yuba Lake State Park, not far off Utah Highway 28 south of Levan.  We hope to camp in the park's Painted Rocks Campground.

Looks like we will be drinking our Yuban coffee at Yuba State Park Monday morning.

Each graphic below is captioned.
 Even Google is getting in on the weather act.  We were checking out the Levan/Yuba Reservoir area and, lo and behold, Google Maps informs us there is a Winter Storm Warning for that area with 1-2 feet of snow.
 Here's a closer look at Google's rendition of the Winter Storm Warning area.  We'd be crazy to drive into that today, especially since we'd be camping right on the lake's edge up by Ogden.
 Here's the general layout of the 325 mile drive from Idaho Falls to Yuba Lake.

 We've camped a couple of times on the west side there at Oasis Campground.  We're hoping the Painted Rocks campground is still open.
It's not even a mile off the state highway we like to drive.

 If this map is any indication, it looks like a decent campground for our purposes.

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