Friday, November 9, 2012

Departure status

As predicted, it snowed overnight here but has melted off.  Meanwhile it continues to snow but isn't sticking. The temperature hovers around freezing making for near-perfect black ice conditions out on the highways.

We have made great progress in the last couple of days and things really started coming together today-Friday.  However, with the weather forecast, it's highly unlikely we can leave as planned tomorrow.

Luckily, we received two Big Bonus Breaks--one from the city and another from Cable One.  The city let us in on something they don't publicize.  We can actually have them come to turn off the water on a weekend--it doesn't have to be during business hours on a weekday.  That's HUGE!

Why HUGE?  Well, once the water was going to be turned off today, we would have had to stockpile water to pour into the toilet to flush it and we wouldn't have been able to shower and it would have been a big hassle.  Now we can continue to live with the comforts of civilization until we depart.

Secondly, a guy named Roy out at Cable One was in a really good mood today and is going to let us bring our modem in after hours and he's adjusted our account and so we aren't going to lose internet in a couple of hours as we expected to.  That's HUGE!

Why HUGE?  Well, imagine being stuck here one or two extra days with no internet.  Talk about deprived!  In all seriousness, we DO need to keep an eye on the weather and the road conditions and there's no better way to do that than via the internet.

So, Life is Good and things are proceeding nicely.  Interestingly, it also looks like we will ahve oru leaves in complete 100% remission this time around.  Plus, since the neighbor's leaves will all be sodden, wet and possibly snow covered, it's unlikely they will dry out enough to blow into our yard until the city sucks them up from the streets.  Things are definitely working out.

Well, lots more to do, gotta run.  Many Cheers, jp

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Anonymous said...

Okay, that window is gone, and this is a test. Thanks for the freedom to comment! Looking so forward to your arrival. Take care, Nancy