Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow Globe

The Good Ol' Boys and  Gals at NWS said it was gonna rain last night.  Now, lookie here at what we woke up to this morning.  That ain't no rain--that's SNOW and lots of it--enough to have to shovel or blow the sidewalks.  YIKES!  Here's the pix with captions:
Imagine our surprise when we opened the front door to pick up the morning paper!
Just yesterday, we were wearing short sleeves when we took this photo. 
 And, so...Here It is, Indeed!
 The little bungalow.
 Shedding snow off its metal roof.
 The neighbor's Halloween tombstone this morning...
 ...and how they looked just yesterday afternoon.
 'Tis typical Idaho!
We're figuring 3-4 inches out of this deposit.  It will be gone by tomorrow or Saturday.

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