Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Camp

Our City of Rocks trip was a tent camp outing.  As you know, we need a "shakedown" cruise in Ye Ol' Poptop each spring and fall to prepare for the change of seasons ahead.

Even though it's pretty nippy in the high country, we traveled this week to the Stoddard Creek Campground up near the Continental Divide to overnight at 6,400 feet and ponder possibilities.  Naturally, we forgot all sorts of important stuff necessary to a smooth, pleasant trip south in early November.

We did tow the Samurai and took a 50-mile loop trip into an intriguing portion of the Beaverhead Mountains west of the Opal Capitol of American--Spencer, Idaho.  It only got down to 34 inside the camper overnight.  Our 12 volt forced air furnace took the chill off nicely that morning.  There's a few kinks and bugs to work out of the poptop rig but all is well and we will soon have it ready to roll south once again.

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