Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gal Pals

Susun's been having a real Gal Pal Powered time period here lately.  Yesterday was a Major Supercharged Gal Pal Day.  She started it off by being picked up by Lee (left) and Teresa so the trio could peruse the Farmer Market.  That's where I briefly ran into them.  Then they went to nosh a Ladies Lunch at the Bella Villa beside Snake River Landing.  Meanwhile, Betty called and said she and Amy were sharing a "vircarious" lunch with Susun.  Must be a "Gal Thing."

Then,. Susun spent the afternoon readying all sorts of fun dinner food.  Her other Gals Pals began arriving about 6 pm.  After enjoying sushi and all the trimmings, the foursome headed off to the Symphony shortly after 7 pm and the proverbial "good time was had by all."  They were all dressed to the "nines," of course, as gals are wont to be when they trot off together to a symphony.

This evening over dinner we learned the "rest of the story."  Women have being women since time began.  (Ditto men, of course.)  Anyway, one of the time-honored things that women do is try to find mates for their single gal pals.  It goes with the female turf thing.

Turns out Susun has been attempting to engineer a connection between our Macho Mailman and one of her Gal Pals.  Oh, you should have heard all the details.  Turns out the mailman is a whiskey drinking goose hunter so it's going to be "very interesting" to see how all this "special delivery" shakes out in the days ahead.

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