Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Farrah Finds New Home

Spudboater has been requesting her own Farrah bucket for over five full years. She finally found Farrah on this trip. We decided to pass on our very own Farrah Faucet bucket to Spudboater rather than make her new one. This bucket has been around and has a lot of embedded character!
Spudboater was very happy to finally have a Farrah to call her own.
Last year, Spudboater decided she also wanted her 
own antique Coleman stove converted to propane.  
She found this vintage Model 425B and brought it to The City.  
We put the pieces together, did a little troubleshooting and, voila...
Spudboater now has her very own propane powered Coleman--the centerpiece of a tidy camp!

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