Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Columbus Day in The City

Traditions are traditions because people continue to practice them over and over again. That's what makes an activity a tradition.  And so it was this past weekend that Susun and John and Spudboater continued practicing their annual tradition of camping at City of Rocks on Columbus Day weekend.  The trio feels "practice makes perfect" when it comes to this tradition and a perfect weekend it was.

Even though the overnight temperatures dipped into the low 20-degree range, the Blue Bird Days were picture perfect as golden aspens frames the photogenic pluton's iconic outcrops.

After each trip, we always say we are going to post up a lot of photos and then we hardly ever do so.  This trip is a refreshing change from past slacker behavior.  Below you this post you will find four others.  We think there's probably a couple dozen photos included.  Captions are below each one.  Thanks, Spudboater--It was a Great Trip!
There's such a thing as a "tradition within a tradition."  We've decided opening each year's trip report with a photo of our shadows on the granite will be a most fine and fitting thing to do.  We almost look Anasazi-like in this year's picture.
Once again, Spudboater met us right on time at The City's Visitor Center.  
Here, Susun and SB pose as hard-working pioneer women on The California Trail.
Ah, The City!
Fall is easily the best time to visit The City.
Spudboater shows off the progress of her rehab 
for the broken ankle she suffered in Lave Falls.
Home Sweet Home in Site #56.
Where the Tent Troll Toils.

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