Friday, August 24, 2012

Back on 12th St.

Here we be once again, all aglow and tucked into our little bungalow.  It was another one of those fun trips to Salmon Country.  We arrived back here at 4:30 pm yesterday and enjoyed a nice leisurely evening.  Naturally, we've moving pretty slowly this morning.

The screen shot at the top shows Gary's hike yesterday on the south end of the Teton Crest Trail.  As you can see, he and his three buddies are within easy hiking distance from the end of the trail at Teton Pass (The red "X").  As of this writing they haven't left their camp yet but there's every reason to expect he will return to Idaho Falls sometime later today.

The Salmon Thang has been on a roll even thought we have been able to make only minimal updates now and then.  As of this morning, total page views logged since May 16th stand at 10,500.  The Halstead Fire article has 2,164 page views all by itself as of today.  DR & LBR Terry M. did an awesome job maintaining the Salmon Thang Facebook while we were away and his efforts helped continue public interest in reading the website's fire article.  THANK YOU, Terry!  Terry is a lifelong newsman and his highly honed skill and craft shined in his Facebook maintenance in our absence.

Our Google search ranking is now #9 and we show up well on the first page of results.  Interestingly, we discovered by accident recently that the website often shows up on the first page in a Google search for other things related to Salmon River stuff. Very interesting.

Today ought to be a pretty routine day getting back to normal here in River City.  After each road trip, we always end a blog post by saying, "Gee, we sure hope we post some photos" and then we never do.  Well, here we go again.

Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

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