Thursday, August 16, 2012

And The Winner Is....

Susun, Dina & Friends won Top Honors tonight at the annual City of Idaho Falls Horticultural Department's Volunteer Recognition Ice Cream Social.  The Hilda McClure Garden in front of the city's signature overlook of The Falls was chosen as The Best Flower Garden in the City.  

This year, for the first time, there was a $100 cash prize awarded to the Number One Winners.  Susun and Dina had already agreed to split whatever booty they received this year equally among all those who helped plant the 100's and 100's of flowers that created such a splash of splendor on the West Bank this year.

The evening event was a great slice of Americana.  Children played.  Adults murmured and slurped ice cream.  The evening sun glowed through old growth trees at Tautphaus Park.  Distant drum beats played.  (Honest, I am not making this up.)  A young man performed admirably as emcee. Engraved rocks were handed out.  Women chatted.  And somewhere beyond our realm, Norman Rockwell and Erma Bombeck smiled and nodded knowingly at each other.

Susun and Dina were thrilled to win the Top Honor this year.  They and their helpers really worked their anatomy off this year.
Plus, they had "The Plan."  Remember that DTD (Dina The Dynamo) showed up back in May with spreadsheets and scale diagrams of how the garden was going to look.  

Without her dedication to detail, it's doubtful such a large garden could look so ridiculously delightful.  Talk about all out Beauty!

Well, here are the photos you've all been waiting for.  Miss Susun wore her signature Flower Head apparel that she found in Deseret Industries months ago.  Her attire was a real hit with the other ladies and even engendered some smiles from a few guys, too.  

Delbert The Boss was his typical curmudgeon self even though he was privately glowing inside.  Maybe someday we can share the back story of how volunteers became involved in planting and maintaining the city's flower gardens.  It is a true story of survival, renewal and the triumph of spirit.

Congratulations, Susun and Dina and Friends.  We are so very proud of you.  So very proud.  You really done good this year. May the Blossoms you have shared to brighten all our lives color the memories of this year's Hilda's Garden with a special glow!  MANY CHEERS!  jp

And The Winner is!!!!  HILDA'S GARDEN!

Congratulations, Ladies, you have made all of us very proud of you.  
You are The True Flowers of Our Fair City!

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