Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waving Goodbye

We four joined the summer throngs who gather from around the world to watch Old Faithful be true to the iconic plume of steam and frothing hot water that rises from the earth to the sky timed on a schedule any railroad would envy.  After the hoopla settled down, we all dutifully trooped toward the brand new multi-million dollar Visitor Center.  As we began to approach this imposing edifice, we noticed that we would all appear as reflections in the glass front of this architectural crescendo. So, sure enough, as if one cue The now Three Wise Women all raised their arms in celebration, salute and a fitting wave goodbye to the road roaming, city stirring exploits of a brief but wonderful Idaho visit.  THANKS, Marsha & Phyllis, "ya dun good!"  We're roud of you for gittin' out and making memories.  As we love to say, "You can't make memories unless you make the effort."  We will cherish forever the memories you made on this trip.  It was AWESOME!

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