Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grand Tetons were Grand

We headed out this morning at 7:33 am for our Grand Teton Tour.  Grand it was.  Everything cooperated.  Wind, weather, clouds, water, you name it.  Susun & Friends made a great picnic lunch and we hiked it down to the shoreline of Jenny Lake--right at that Special Spot where so much important stuff in our lives has happened.  We told The Two Wise Women they were now part of the story.  They loved it.

Even a young cow moose showed up as if on cue to walk into the lake and pose.
Luckily, we had some quality time at the Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve.    It was a great day.

We went up The Snake and came back via Teton and Pine Creek Passes.  We arrived back home at 6 pm.

We've been enjoying a fine Happy Hour for the past couple of hours.  Life is Good.

Many Cheers, jp
Below is a great photo that should have run yesterday. We will title it "Horsing Around At Hilda's"

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Magpie said...

What a threesome! Looks like a wonderful time!