Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Take a close look at the far right window.

Happy May Day!  We are back up and running online.  Most everything else is feng shui once again.  It's been busy-busy here on the Home Front.  Just as it takes quite awhile to shut this place down, it also takes almost as long to get everything working again.  The internet was the last piece of the puzzle to be reconnected.  The cable guy came this morning and all three laptops are fully connected.  We have one more big slug of mail to pick up as well as a lot of boxes mailed from Lafayette to Houn' Dawg's Place.
The plumbing gave us fits yesterday.  One of the drains was clogged shut and some sediments in the pipes shut off water to the kitchen faucets.  It took some extra hours to figure out how to deal with those issues.  Years ago we bought a commercial roto rooter outfit from Harbor Freight.  It was close to $300.  However, it has long since paid for itself many times over.  Whenever the drains are clogged, we just pull it out and, voila, no more clogged drains!  We finally figured out how to deal with the sediments in the lines by blowing compressed air back through the system a few times.  About mid-afternoon everything was working well.  Our morning newspaper even showed up right on time today!

We're both VERY Happy to be Home!
The drive through Salt Lake City was easily the BEST All-Time drive.  Susun declared it was "fun."  It felt like a drive through the wide open countryside.  There were many times when we had the entire freeway to ourselves.  We will now always drive through there on a Sunday--no exceptions.  We left Provo about 9 am and got off the interstate at 2 pm.  Instead of driving right home, we meandered through the tree-lined parkway at Snake River Landing to walk out on their faux pier to say "HI" to the Snake River.  Then we drove past the Eagles and went over to Hilda's garden to scope out the conditions of the flower beds and gander at The Falls. The Snake is running pretty big this year because recent weird hot weather here melted a lot of snow.

Jana, Matt and Oliver came to visit Sunday night and it was fun catching up with them.  They had just returned from spending Jana's birthday over in Jackson.  All of their friends rent a cabin at this one motel--more than 30 cabins total.  Sounds like one heck of a party!

Everything's looking real good 'round this place now and we're getting back to normal here.  We even went off to enjoy some fish tacos at our fave Mexican joint yesterday.
Life is good!

Have a great day & Many Cheers!  jp

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Magpie said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. WE may be returning from a visit to see son Liam in Oregon in mid-August, and may get a chance to stop over for a night. Happy Trails!