Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Farmers Market

It was quite cold at today's Farmers Market. We froze.  We aren't yet acclimated to our local weather. The Market season actually began last week so we missed Opening Day.  The temps were in the upper 30's the the wind was blowing in the mid to high teens this morning so it felt considerably cooler than the upper 30's.  It was spitting snow. You have to marvel at the tenacity and dedication of the vendors to show up in weather such as this.  We shivered our way through a couple of tacos and then beat feet home to a warm & toasty little house.

There's a hard freeze warning out for tonight so Susun's going to have to bring her tender plants into the shelter of the garage.  This is fairly typical Idaho Spring weather.   Welcome home!
 It was so fun to see Market Manager Stephanie again.  She does an amazing job!  The onions were 50 cents a bunch.  You can't grow 'em for that!  I had on four layers and was still cold!
 Customers were few and far between.  Thirty vendors showed to brave the cold.
 Here's our favorite vendor--Sol Rio.  Their tacos are two for $3--tamales same price.  This is a Saturday morning tradition here.  Breakfast at the Farmers Market for $6 for two people!
 The vendors mostly kept their wares inside their vehicles while they stood around shifting from foot to foot.
 DF & LBR Jana and her brother and friends are running a craft booth across the street from the Farmers Market.  No, they weren't playing Monkey Bars--they were trying to keep their tent from being blown over to Wyoming.
 After we left the Market thoroughly frozen, we drove around to look at this year's crop of baby geese...
...and quite the brood of baby ducks.  Luckily, teh geese and ducks have safe, predator-free places to hatch their eggs each year ensuring a healthy population of year-round residents.

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