Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A distracting tangent

We all get distracted by life's tangents, don't we?  We here at Live Simple are definitely off on a tangent and it's distracting us from routine upkeep of this long-standing blog.  So, whazzup?

The Salmon River

You all know we have a fond, long-term relationship with The Salmon River.  We fell in love with it in 2004 and that love has only deepened over the ensuing years.  We are currently working as BLM volunteers to try to tidy up and finish our part of their Salmon River Guide effort.  The BLM product isn't going to turn out the way we hoped it would.  It will be OK, as far as it goes, and we're sure people will be glad to have it in their hands.  Whatever the final product actually looks like, we feel it will have been worth our considerable effort in assisting the project.

However, we also feel there's more to be done regarding the Salmon River.  Hence, we decided to start w whole new tangent.  We bought a new domain name and are building a blog for The Salmon River:


For every post we put up on that blog, it takes away from this blog.  We've been spending a lot of time on this new kid on the block.  Not only that we also started a companion Twitter and Facebook for the effort:


(The Facebook ID is: Salmon River, at least I think it is.)

We have high hopes for this particular tangent.  We hope it will be a life long activity that we will be working on until we pass to the Great Beyond.  It's a way of keeping our hat in the ring, our fingers in the pie and our toes in the water.  We don't want to be occasional, passive pedestrians when it comes to The Salmon River.  We want to be involved--keeping track of stuff and "in the thick of it," as some people say.  We want to know what's going on and be involved in friendships and dialog with the Salmon's unique Cast of Characters.

As our mind's eye roams up and down the Salmon that we know from Stanley to North Fork, all sorts of one-of-a-kind characters leap into view.  There's something about a river like The Salmon that seems to attract an unusual Cast of Characters.  If they lived anywhere else, no one would pay any attention to them.  When their life evolves in partnership with the river and its communities, somehow those characters rise to a starring role and become slightly larger than life.  Big rivers have always attracted big characters.  There's something magnetic about rivers that attracts characters to the stages along it banks.

We're started up other bits of whimsy over the years.  We've lost count of how many domain names we caught and released.  We seem to have a voracious appetite for buying and toying with domain names and blogs.  Perhaps we could be considered an "electronic hoarder" of blogs and domains.  Who knows?  At least they don't clutter up the closet and clog the hallway.

We hope this new tangent is a long-lasting productive distraction.  Only time will tell.  Perhaps it, too, will fade away like so many other domains and blogs.  Perhaps it will bloom into a full life.  At this point, no one knows.  We shall see.

Many Cheers, jp

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