Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Susun's Back Home

Everything worked out perfect for Susun's trip to San Diego for Gage's 4th birthday.  About 50 people attended the Big Party.  Susun and her grand sons were also able to enjoy two visits to the beach.  Susun says the boys tell her she is "fun."  We told Susun they say that because she probably is more "kid-at-heart" than they are!  As Susun's daughters like to say, "She's in her element" in the photo above.  This was her fourth and final trip of our winter season here.  Her next trip might be sometime during the summer.  If not, she will be heading back there via Salt Lake in September for Van's third birthday.

After picking up Susun at the airport yesterday, we arrived back at Second Chance Ranch at 6 pm sharp last night. We had a great big white man campfire.  There's only one or two campfires left before we head out of here.  The next two days are going to be a real struggle to get it all together.  We might even have to leave Saturday morning instead of Friday if we can't "git 'er dun."

Were in for some hot times up in Marble Canyon at Susun Kliewer's Place.  No, not the partying type of hot times, we're talking REAL hot times.  Temps are progged to be 12-16 degrees above normal.  Since the normal high there is 79, that means we will be "enjoying" temps in the 91-95 degrees range.  It was 93 in Phoenix yesterday so it's definitely time to head back to cooler climes in Idaho.  When the thermometer says anything with a NINE in it, we're outta here.

Life is good.  Have a great day & Many Cheers, jp

PS--Thanks, Sarah, for your Great Photo!

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